DNA Based Wellness & Nutrition Guidance

Use your 23andMe genetic data to make informed lifestyle decisions. Only $5.99 Android and iOS ready

What We Offer

DNAdoctor offers personalized genetic reports on the following wellness components.


Our bodies are routinely bombarded by toxins from a variety of sources and two of the chief culprits are meats that have been cooked at high temperatures and the solvent Benzene. Our ability to detoxify when these compounds enter our bodies is related to certain genetic variations. The DNAdoctor detoxification profile analyses these variations, allowing you to take the precautions appropriate for your risk level.


BioStatus eTrainer turns your smartphone into a personal fitness coach, guiding you through the process of crafting an exercise routine that meets your goals and fitness level. Whether its professional body building or just improving cardiovascular endurance, BioStatus eTrainer uses scientifically determined formulas to assess your fitness and develop a personalized exercise program optimized for your height, weight, age, sex and activity level.


BioStatus Nutrition turns your smartphone into a personal dietitian, selecting foods for you based on activity level, fitness, and weight modification goal. Whether it’s a heart healthy diet or losing a few extra pounds, BioStatus Nutrition uses scientific methods to assess your nutrient needs and develop a diet that’s right for you.

Holistic Medicine

Ayurveda Guru provides personalized Ayurvedic guidance to help you make lifestyle and dietary choices appropriate for your metabolism. Includes an integrated questionnaire to determine both primary and secondary metabolism types, tables of appropriate foods and beverages by dosha/metabolism type and Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations.

Health Records

BioStatus eHealth helps you organize your health information, managing all of your health records from one place that's available wherever you go. Enter it once, use it again and again never consigning your sensitive health data to websites or advertisement supported apps. With BioStatus, all your wellness information remains locally on your smartphone, traveling wherever you go.

Illness Risk

Get the jump on sickness before it strikes with the BioStatus eHealth proprietary risk prediction system, a feature that calculates your susceptibility to illnesses and health hazards such as heart disease, cancer, mental illness and alcoholism even before symptoms are present.


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