DNA Based Wellness & Nutrition Guidance

Use your raw genetic data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA or Family Tree DNA to make informed lifestyle decisions. Android and iOS ready

What We Offer

DNA Doctor offers personalized genetic reports on the following wellness components.


The Drug Response and Genetic Disorders reports can help you and your doctor understand your unique response to many prescription drugs as well genetic disorders you maybe carrying. The health reports also include your risk of soft tissue injuries caused by genetic variation and an Enhancement Mutations report showing beneficial alleles you could be carrying like resistance to the HIV virus.


Recent discoveries in genetic science have revealed new connections between genes and optimal exercise. To reach your' sporting or fitness goals, it therefore essential to make the appropriate training decisions to best match your genetic make-up. DNA Doctor reports on 17 common fitness related mutations to help you create the exercise routine that right for you.


Genes impact almost every aspect of our digestion and nutritional uptake. Choosing a diet that is in harmony with our genes is therefore vital to creating a strong and healthy body. DNA Doctor reports on 22 common diet related mutations, allowing you to begin benefiting from the science of precision weight loss.

Allergies & Sensitivities

The modern age has seen an explosion in the incidence of allergies. While the full reason for this remains unclear, it is known that genes play a role. Detecting allergies early can greatly improve health outcomes. DNA doctor reports on 10 common genetic mutations related to allergies.


Our bodies are routinely bombarded by toxins from a variety of sources and two of the chief culprits are meats that have been cooked at high temperatures and the solvent Benzene. Our ability to detoxify when these compounds enter our bodies is related to certain genetic variations. The DNAdoctor detoxification profile analyses these variations, allowing you to take the precautions appropriate for your risk level.


While our mental makeup is not typically thought of genetic terms, it is clear that certain mutations have a profound impact on personality. Understanding these mutations can help use better understand our own strengths and weaknesses. DNA Doctor reports on six mutations affecting personality.




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